Best Electric Pressure Washer 2021 – Guide and Reviews

Electric pressure washers help you efficiently clean your house. There are a bunch of different pressure washers available in the market. Even more, are popping out on the market shelves every single week.

Thus, choosing the right pressure washer a lot harder. Therefore, after trying and testing tens of different pressure washers, we have compiled a complete list of best electric pressure washers 2021, so you can pick up the right washer for your needs.

Without any further fuss, let’s jump right into it, and check out the top-performing electric pressure washers of 2021.

10 Best Electric Washers of 2021

1. Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 – Besr Electric WasherSun Joe SPX3000

The Sun Joe SPX3000, with its premium build quality, superior washing power, and affordable price, is the best electric pressure washer 2021. In addition, this pressure washer boasts the prestigious “Best Seller” tag, which makes it a superior quality choice.

The 1800-watts robust motor used in this pressure washer produces a whooping 2030 PSI. This makes this pressure washer a high pressure, high-performance washer.

Hence, you can use this pressure washer for a variety of different tasks. Like, home cleaning, driveway cleaning, yard cleaning, RV cleaning, etc.

There are a variety of different features that make this pressure washer a perfect choice for people around the globe. Including the dual-detergent 0.9L allows you to store different types of detergents simultaneously. So, you can use it for different tasks without a problem.

This pressure washer also boasts a unique TSS (Total Stop System), that automatically cuts out the power when the washer is not in use.

This single feature ultimately saves you a bunch of power. So, the power is used only when the washer is in use. Otherwise, it stays in sleep mode.

Apart from all these high-performance features, this pressure washer has a superior quality anti-rust body, and tank.

Besides, the lightweight design and solid construction allow you to use this washer for years, and years to come without a fail.

Moreover, Sun Joe provides a 2-years guarantee on this product with a no-questions-asked policy. So, you can easily replace your product if it gets faulty. This provides you with additional peace of mind.

  • Affordable
  • Lightweight Design
  • Robust Motor
  • TSS Technology
  • Dual Detergent Tank
  • 2-Years Limited Warranty
  • Nothing to Complain About
Sun Joe SPX3000 with its “Best Seller” tag on Amazon, robust motor, impressive performance, and warranty is the best electric pressure washer to buy in 2021.

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2. Powerhouse International Electric Pressure WasherPowerhouse International

The second contender for the best electric pressure washer on our list is the Powerhouse International Electric Pressure Washer with its futuristic design, robust motor, and a bunch of different add-ons.

Powerhouse International has a very aggressive yet reliable design pattern. The lightweight design, solid construction, and working efficiency of this pressure washer make it a reliable pressure washer.

The four-wheel design with detachable capabilities on this device allows you to carry it with you. Telescopic handle used in it allows you to easily carry it from place to place. In addition, it has a very long hose pipe to allow cleaning in farther places.

The powerful 3000PSI motor used in this electric washer with its 2.2 GPM is powerful than most of the gas pressure washers out there. In addition, this motor is a lot quiet and works only when the trigger is being pressed.

The brushless motor used in this pressure washer is extremely reliable. That allows you to use it for cleaning the lawn, hallways, patios, and your car. The massive pressure of this pressure washer allows you to clean and clear dirt effectively.

There are a bunch of different accessories shipped with this electric washer that makes it a versatile choice for people seeking a quality pressure washer. Accessories shipped with this electric washer include M22 14mm adaptor, Turbo & Angular Nozles, patio surface cleaner, and soap foam sprayer.

Hence, you can use this multi-purpose cleaner on a variety of different surfaces for proper cleaning. Besides, it has a very flexible 30 feet hose pipe that lets you get rid of dirt in places that are otherwise not approachable.

The Power House international has a 35 feet long wire with its storage for better transportation experience.

In addition, there are two stainless steel lances and a proprietary. The five quick-connect spray tips allow you to use the pressure washer for all the different tasks.

  • Exceptional Build Quality
  • Reliable
  • A Variety of Different Accessories
  • Powerful Brushless Motor
  • Long Wire & Hose
  • Portable
  • A Bit Pricey
The Powerhouse International Electric Pressure Washer on our list is a versatile tool that can be for cleaning near about anything.

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3. GreenWorks GPW1602 Pressure WasherGreenWorks GPW1602 Pressure Washer

The Greenworks Pressure Washer is another top-quality washer that you can use to get rid of all the dirt, in an efficient manner.

The design of this washer is absolutely brilliant. With its amazing build quality, reliable motor, and comfortable handle, the GreenWorks is surely a great choice.

It has a power 1600PSI brushless motor, that exerts great force to keep the surface clean. The 1.2 GPM will blast the dirt and grime to restore the surface in its original position. Greenworks has a very reliable motor, that is extremely quiet.

This lightweight & portable pressure washer is better than most of the larger sized pressure washers when it comes to cleaning the area. Plus, carrying this washer around is also a no brainer. It weighs a mere 16lbs, that makes it super-handy to be carried around.

The 25-feet hose attached with this washer is perfect for cleaning in far off areas. In addition, there are a bunch of different accessories included with this washer like the soap applicator, extra nozzles, and the cleaning brush.

  • Solid Construction
  • Reliable Motor
  • Power 1600PSI Performance
  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • No TSS
The Greenworks Pressure Washer is a very portable yet powerful pressure washer that you can get. It offers superior cleaning performance for your needs.

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4. Stanley SHP2150 Electric Pressure WasherStanley SHP2150 Electric Pressure Washer

The Stanley SHP2150 Pressure Washer provides you with the powerful cleaning force required for cleaning the stubborn stains.

Talking of the design first, this pressure washer has a very eye-catch color combination combined with extreme durability. In addition, carrying this pressure washer around is also fairly simple. It has two large-sized tires and a telescopic handle that lets you take it here and there without a problem.

The 2150PSI powerful motor integrated into this pressure washer also compliments the overall design of the pressure washer. Moreover, this brushless motor is extremely reliable.

The 1.4GPM throwing capacity allows you the maximum cleaning capacity. So, you can easily clean your lawn, backyard, or service your car at home.

The foam cannon included with this pressure washer helps you form a thick layer of soap for a deeper cleaning process. There are a variety of different spray nozzles shipped with this pressure washer included like the 0°, 15°, 25° & 40°.

The 35-feet long power cable allows you to clean in far off places. Rolling the power cable is also straightforward. Besides, the water hose is also very long and reliable.

In addition to all these features, Stanley offers two years of limited warranty of this electric pressure washer to provide you the ultimate peace of mind.

  • Attractive Design
  • 1.4 GPM
  • Powerful 2150
  • Different Spray Nozzles
  • Long Power Cable
  • Some Users Reported Issues With Power Cord

The Stanley SHP2150 with its aggressive design, powerful performance, and a variety of different accessories makes it one of the best pressure washers in 2021 to buy.

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5. Sun Joe SPX 4000 2030Sun Joe SPX4000 2030

Sun Jose has been making quality electric pressure washer for a while now, and the SPX4000 2030 is a perfect example of that.

This premium quality electric pressure washer has a superior build quality and offers exceptional performance in all the different tasks.

The 14.5amp powerful motor integrated into this pressure washer can generate a massive 2030 psi/1. 76 GPM for pompous cleaning that is otherwise not possible. You can also shift between two different modes to choose the pressure.

This washer comes included with the advanced Total Stop System (TSS) that cuts off the power to the motor when not in use. It’s a very hand safety feature that saves you a lot of power as well as enhances the overall safety and life of the motor.

The low pressure (1450PSI) is excellent for cleaning typical day everyday dirt, and the high pressure (2030PSI) for stubborn stains. These two different modes provide you with the luxury to choose the cleaning pressure for better cleaning.

There are five different connect tips shipped with this pressure washer to tackle the different cleaning needs. The 0, 15, 25, 40, soap tips can handle a variety of cleaning tasks.

Besides, there is a large-sized detergent tank that can store up to 54. 1 OZ of detergent liquid for better cleaning experience.

Carrying this electric pressure washer around is also a fairly simple task. It has two large-sized wheels that offer superior maneuverability in a variety of different terrains. So, you can easily move around the washer whenever and wherever you want it to.

Plus, this washer is backed by the Sun Joe no-questioned asked two years limited warranty. That makes this product a lucrative choice for people seeking peace of mind.

  • Different Pressure Settings
  • 2030 PSI Pressure Output Rating
  • High Build Quality
  • A Wide Range of Connect Tips
  • 54 Oz Detergent Tank
  • Easy to Move Around
  • A Bit Heavier
Sun Joe SPX4000 is perfect for people seeking a quality pressure washer with high-performance capabilities and premium functionalities.

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6. Karcher K5 Premium Electric Power Pressure WasherKarcher K5 Premium Electric Power Pressure Washer

The Karcher K5 premium with its distinguished “Amazon’s Choice” tag, hundreds of positive reviews, and superb-performance is another top-rated pressure washer to buy in 2021.

The K5 has a very bold, and futuristic design that attracts the eye. Moreover, the materials used in this electric washer make it look premium.

The top of the line K5 Premium uses a robust motor that can produce up to 2000PSI, at 1.4 GPM. That’s impressive. Besides, the motor used in this pressure washer is very reliable and power efficient.

Karcher claims that its water-cooled induction motor is 5X more reliable than the traditional motors used in other pressure washers.

The pressure of this washer can easily be adjusted by using the Vario Power Spray Wand. So, you can use this washer to washout areas with the appropriate pressure without a problem.

In addition, there is the Dirtblaster Spray Wand that can tackle the toughest of dirt removing jobs in half the time.

The on-board detergent tank shipped with this washer allows you to easily apply the soap to the areas for quicker and better cleaning. Moreover, you can easily adjust the volume of the detergent application by using the detergent dial.

The 25-feet long hose along with its storage reel is also perfect for mobility and ease of portability. The storage reel makes winding and unwinding the hose a lot easier. Also, the hose is super-durable and build to last.

The two large-sized wheels along with the ergonomic handle make this electric pressure washer perfect for mobility.

In addition to all these features, there is a two-year limited warranty on this pressure washer that allows you to have the peace of mind needed for a hefty investment.

  • Futuristic Design
  • Pressure Adjustment
  • Water-Cooled Motor
  • Detergent Tank
  • 2-Years Warranty
  • Wheels Need Improvement
The Karcher K5 Premium is perfect for people who need a long-lasting pressure washer with the latest water-cooled induction motor technology.

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7. Simpson Cleaning 61016 2300Simpson Cleaning 61016 2300

The Simpson Electric Pressure Washer is another cool addition in our list of best pressure washers 2021. This electric washer with its whooping 2300PSI and sturdy body is a great choice for people seeking a powerful pressure washer for heavy-duty tasks.

The Simpson Pressure Washer has a nice designed frame, that is built to last. The materials used are top-notch, and provide a premium feel to the washer. In addition, the frame of this washer is coated with steel powder for longevity.

Simpson has used a high-performance 120V Brushless motor in this electric washer that is capable of providing up to 2300 PSI with 1.2 GPM. Moreover, this motor is very durable and quiet which makes it perfect for heavy-duty tasks.

This washer is also equipped with the OEM technologies Axial Cam Pump that takes reliability hassle off your head. It also uses three different nozzles including 15 degrees, soap, and turbo to cater to the versatile cleaning needs.

All the materials used in this electric pressure washer are highly durable and corrosion-free. The 25-feet long hose used in this pressure washer is highly durable as well as flexible. Hence, you can easily tear away the dirt without worrying about the tangibility of the hose.

Simpson has added 10-inches wheels to this washer for ease of mobility. So, you can take this washer to a variety of terrains without a worry. Plus, the handle also compliments the overall construction of the pressure washer.

There is a 1-year limited warranty on most of the parts, which makes it a better choice for people seeking a quality electric pressure washer.

  • Rigid Construction
  • High-Pressure Output
  • Steel Coated Body
  • High-Performance Induction Motor
  • Large Sized Wheels
  • Limited Parts Warranty
  • Bulky Design
  • Pricey
The Simpson Cleaning 61016 2300 is a highly recommended product for people seeking a heavy-duty electric pressure washer for outstanding needs.

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The AR ANNOVI REVERBERI AR390SS fabled with the “Amazon’s Choice” tag is another high-pressure electric washer for your cleaning needs. In fact, AR ANNOVI REVERBERI AR390SS was the top-rated product in 2016 Consumer Reports.

The innovative design, superb performance, and usage of high-grade materials make this pressure washer into our list of top-rated electric pressure washers.

This heavy-duty pressure washer has a 14amp powerful induction motor that can produce up to 2000 PSI for powerful cleaning performance. Total Stop System (TSS) integrated into this pressure washer automatically shuts off the power when not in use.

The innovative technology used in this electric pressure washer produces 45% more pressure by suing 80% less water. This makes it one of the most efficient pressure washers out there.

The 30-feet long high-pressure hose makes this washer perfect for long-distance cleaning. Plus, the hose is anti-tangible for better pressure and lesser hassle.

There are four different nozzles shipped with the package of this pressure washer. Including the detergent soap nozzle that automatically activates the detergent for better and faster cleaning.

Besides, this electric pressure washer is backed by one year “bumper to bumper” warranty for hassle-free cleaning experience with US-based support for a prompt response.

  • Fantastic Construction
  • High-Performance Motor
  • TSS Technology
  • Four Different Nozzles
  • US-Based Support
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Not the Best Hose Reel
  • Detergent Spray Needs Improvement
AR ANNOVI REVERBERI AR390SS is a perfect fit for people seeking a fantastic performance electric pressure washer with power and water efficiency.

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9. Briggs & Stratton 020681 2000Psi 1.2Gpm El WasherBriggs _ Stratton 020681 2000Psi 1.2Gpm El Washer

Briggs & Stratton 020681 2000Psi with its convenient fold-away design, powerful induction motor, and a solid frame is another high-performance electric pressure washer that should be in your bucket list.

The tough welded steel frame keeps the whole body together. It’s very durable and built to last. The handle and the massive tires provide the necessary traction needed for mobility. Plus, the foldable design allows you to save a bunch of space in the storage room.

It has a very capable brushless induction motor that can produce up to 2000PSI with 1.2 GPM. The motor used in this electric pressure washer is very durable and quiet as well.

There is a 25-feet hose that allows high-pressure performance capability to this washer. In addition, there is a wide range of different spray nozzles shipped with it for better cleaning.

The Turbo Nozzle washer can be used for stubborn stains that require extra power. You can also use the detergent nozzle for an efficient cleaning process.

In addition, Briggs & Stratton offers a limited warranty for the added comfort in mind.

  • Powerful Performance
  • 2000PSI Performance
  • Highly Durable
  • Efficient Hose
  • Foldable Design
  • Limited Warranty
  • Build Quality Could be Improved
Briggs & Stratton 020681 is a superior quality electric pressure washer, perfect for people seeking a lightweight washer that can be stored easily.

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Final Words

In this blog post, we have compiled a complete list of best electric pressure washers 2021 that you can get to remove dirt and grime off your lawn.

We have also put together the pros and cons of each of the products. If you are still confused about choosing the right pressure washer, we highly recommend getting the Sun Joe SPX3000. It’s a high-quality electric pressure washer with versatile washing capabilities.

If you have any question regarding the electric pressure washers, feel free to ask us in the comments section below.

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